Should I Spend Money Maintaining My Plumbing and Heating System?

  • By Adam Byott
  • 21 Nov, 2017
Home maintenance is the least demanding and in general most ideal approach to saving huge amounts of cash. Little maintenance ensures that you save the large costs of replacing whole new systems or purchasing new appliances sooner than you need to.

Maintenance is key for keeping your home appliances running productively and efficiently all year round. Extreme temperature drops request the most demand from your heating system, and proper servicing and maintenance will keep them at their best.

Annual servicing and maintenance reduce occasional breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower energy bills by up to 30%. While you need to pay for expert servicing, it will pay you back with better performance and saving.

What are you able to do between visits from experts?

Heating System: Keep your heating clean by routinely getting it flushed by professional plumbers . This will ensure your central heating system is kept cleaning and running to its full potential. The flush will generally pay for itself with the savings. Also get you system inspected each year to check for any defects. This will prevent plumbing repairs in the long run.

Boiler: Make sure you get your boiler serviced each year by a Gas Safe Registered engineer s. The engineer will generally check for signs of water leaks and make sure the controls are working as they should.

Pipes and Plumbing: Always checks for any signs of plumbing leaks as any little issues can be repaired early. Ensure you know where the main water stop valve is located for emergencies and in addition learn how to close off individual isolation valves for other water appliances. Take action to avoid frozen pipework and figure out how to handle little leaks yourself.

When it's time to bring in the experts, rely on upon your for all your Property Repairs and Services in Liverpool and surrounding areas.  have a team of local plumbers, boiler repairs engineers, heating engineers, drainage experts, appliance repair engineers and locksmiths ready to help.

Let the experts at Property-Serv offer you some assistance with keeping your home running smoothly and efficiently. Call us today on 0151 542 5051 to book a property repair or service in Liverpool . Blog

By 17 Dec, 2017
If you notice that your boiler is loosing pressure , the first thing you need to look for is any sign of a leak. Check all radiators, valves, visible pipework and joints to see if there are any cracks or defective pipe joints, fittings or valves.

If you notice leaks, it’s advisable to get a plumber out to repair it ASAP . This should stop your boiler losing pressure and prevent any more costly boiler repairs than necessary. 

No leaks

If you can’t find any leaks, it could be that the pressure release valve (PRV) is faulty. This valve allows water to escape if the pressure gets too high. If this is the likely problem, get a local plumber around to check the valve and replace it if required. This should solve the issue.

Look after your boiler

Problems such as drops in your boiler pressure can be easily avoided if you take care of your boiler. So many people neglect to have their boiler serviced and they end up with more costly issues further down the line. Chances are that if your boiler’s going to fail, it’ll choose to do it at the worst possible moment, leaving you without hot water or central heating.

The answer is to have your boiler serviced regularly by an experienced and qualified plumber. If you have a newer model, you can probably get away with a service every two years but on older models, you should be getting them serviced annually.

When you call your plumber out to service your boiler , make sure that you’re getting a full boiler service , rather than just a quick boiler check. This will probably take around an hour and involves taking the boiler apart to have a good look at all the vital components.

Having a full service done means that not only can you rest assured that your boiler’s not going to break down any time soon, you can also be confident that it’s not posing any threat to you and your family. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be fatal, and an unloved boiler can be one of the biggest culprits. What’s more, a boiler that’s in really good condition is likely to be more energy efficient, saving you money on your bills.

Gas safe

If you’re booking a boiler service in Liverpool or a boiler repair in Liverpool , make sure that the boiler engineer you hire is Gas Safe registered. Depending on the age of your boiler, a full service can cost anywhere from £50 to £100. Gather some like-for-like quotes to make sure you’re getting a good deal. But remember that the cheapest deal is not always the most cost-efficient: be certain you’re going with a reputable, reliable plumber in Liverpool .

If you need a boiler service in Liverpool or a boiler repair in Liverpool , contact , we have a team of local Gas Safe boiler repair engineers in Liverpool ready to help with any type of boiler repair in Liverpool or the surrounding areas. Call 0151 542 5051 to book a boiler service or boiler repair in Liverpool today.
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Are you concerned about your strength bills being high over the following couple of months? Use our easy tips to hold them to a minimum.

Compare Your Bills On Comparison Sites

Can you be positive which you are at the pleasant electricity tariff? If the answer is no, then we surprisingly propose the use of a contrast internet site to discover the fine deal to your gas and strength costs. It’s extra than probable that you’ll find a miles higher plan that will help you save a massive amount of cash each year. There’s no need to fear approximately switching to a brand new tariff, it’s all very trustworthy.

Make Energy Bill Payments On-Line

Homeowners could make serious savings on their electricity payments, virtually by way of changing the way they pay them. Most strength businesses now reserve their best deals for his or her online customers, so if you have get entry to to the Internet, make sure you use it.

You’re also possibly to find that you may acquire a large cut price just via opting to pay by monthly direct debit. Some power groups may additionally give you a reduction for opting to view your energy bills on line, instead of receiving them inside the post. All of those small financial savings soon upload up, so it’s well worth taking benefit of them.

Only Heat Your Home Whilst Essential

If you’re going out for the day, then you gained’t actually need your primary heating or hot water on, as no one can be there to gain from it. We endorse making an investment in a timer so that your heating best comes on while you want it to. Make certain you furthermore may flip off the radiators in any rooms which you are not the usage of and hold all windows and doorways shut whilst the heating is on.

Draught Proof Your Property

One of the very best approaches to make energy financial savings is to draught proof your private home. According to the Energy Saving Trust you could make financial savings of £55 a yr just with the aid of making an investment in some reasonably-priced substances to seal your windows, doorways, loft hatches and pipework. Whilst you’re at it, we suggest sealing your letterbox, as this is one of the major culprits for letting out warmth inside the autumn and wintry weather. It’s additionally a place that human beings frequently neglect to draught proof!

Wear Your Winter Woollies

Many human beings use far a good deal more strength than they need to, certainly because they insist on walking round in a t-blouse in the center of wintry weather! By genuinely setting on a cardigan or jumper, you'll locate that you can decrease the temperature of your house and shave off round 10% of your heating invoice. That can make a huge difference in the end.

Remember to examine your meter frequently

People regularly come to be paying lots extra than they need to for their power bills, as they move at the estimates given by way of their providers. If you're looking for a manner to cut down your payments, we propose studying your meter often, so your bills can be based totally on accurate readings. You ought to be checking your meter as a minimum as soon as every 3 months and informing your supplier the usage of your online account. If you’ve been overpaying and have a number of credit score to your account, you may ask your provider to present you a few money again.

Upgrade Your Boiler

Swapping your old boiler for a newer model can dramatically cut your electricity bills in the long time, with financial savings as a good deal as £240.00 in line with 12 months. Make positive you get fees for a new boiler so you cozy an inexpensive price – the identical goes for installation. Feel loose to get in touch with . We will be able to recommend you on boiler installations in Liverpool and provide you with a no obligation quote.

No matter whether you need a boiler installation in Liverpool , a boiler repair in Liverpool or a plumber in Liverpool , can help! all us on 0151 542 5051 or contact us online to arrange a free no-obligation quote.
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Don't just dive correct in -- figuratively, that's -- when it comes to DIY plumbing set up and repairs. Study with the aid of partnering with any individual skilled to start with. When you find yourself ready to enterprise out for your possess, be definite of the whole approach earlier than you begin -- plumbing does not work good as a "study as you go" venture. Be given that there is a learning curve with very little room without spending a dime expression.

Do not use drain cleaners as a speedy fix. These are composed of harsh chemicals that wreak havoc on the environment -- and for your plumbing pipes. As an alternative, to clear a clogged drain, begin by using plunging. If that does not clear up the concern, use a plumber's snake to clear the pipe.

DO begin your solo DIY plumbing career with a relatively small, out-of-the-wall repair, comparable to installing a brand new showerhead or exchanging a kitchen or toilet faucet.

DO make sure that you've got the essential apparatus available before you get started. Predominant plumbing instruments incorporate an adjustable wrench, basin wrench, closet auger, fireplace-resistant cloth, hacksaw, steel file, pipe wrench, plumber's snake (hand auger), plunger, propane torch, tongue-and-groove pliers, and a tubing cutter. You must also have these suppplies to be had: silicone sealant, mastic, Teflon tape, a fingers-free flashlight, rubber gloves, and a sturdy stepstool.

DO flip off all of the water on your house earlier than attempting any plumbing repair. In case you are cussed ... Er ... Self-positive ample to need to close off most effective the valve for the fixture you might be engaged on, ensure you already know precisely the place the water predominant is, and the way long it'll take you to make a mad dash to it, if need be.

DO photo the plumbing setup which you plan to work on, from a number of angles, in order that you're no longer confronted with a "i do not remember which piece connects to what!?!?" panic whilst you attempt to put everything back together once more. Correctly, that is first-rate amateur recommendation for any home repair undertaking.

Do not forget about your homework. Assess in your regional constructing code requirements for a higher DIY plumbing venture (they'll specify certain tasks that only a legit plumber is allowed to do) and get in touch with a one-call core at the least 48 hours before you do any digging. Accidentally hitting utility strains within the path of your excavation is no funny story.

Do not attempt a plumbing fix on a Sunday or holiday. If things go mistaken, you is not going to be equipped to decide upon up the materials and tools you want from your regional hardware or house store (fine case scenario) and you will pay via the nostril for an emergency seek advice from from a qualified plumber (if catastrophe strikes).

DO be aware of when to admit defeat. Call in a professional plumbers in Liverpool for serious issues reminiscent of sewer problem, leaks inside the wall, and any mixture of plumbing and electrical work similar to putting in a washing machine or dishwasher; an amateur installation could void your assurance and extra foremost, it is detrimental.

DO preserve your residence's plumbing method in top shape to reduce repairs. Attend to even the smallest water leak promptly, before it becomes a serious challenge. Do not use your bathroom as a garbage disposal and do not overload your genuine rubbish disposal with stringy, pasty, or greasy kitchen waste. (correctly, one of the most most complex meals in your garbage disposal sincerely tend to make best compost. Suppose celery trimmings, onion skins, eggshells, and cooked rice, for example.)

If you need a plumber in Liverpool , contact today on 0151 542 5051. We have a team of local plumbers in Liverpool ready to help you with all your plumbing repairs and maintenance tasks . Our plumbers in Liverpool are highly experienced and ready to assist 24 hours a day.
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Your house's heating system must provide convenience and comfort to your indoor environment. Today, many home owners are worried about reducing their heating budgets and usage, while nonetheless retaining the heat they desire within the property.

One easy solution to managing your heating and cooling procedure is to regulate your thermostat settings, in keeping with your habits and preferences. Do not forget, "What temperature settings will furnish private comfort and cost effectivity for you?" right here, we discuss encouraged thermostat settings that offer adequate comfort for many men and women and are definite to save you cash in your utility expenditures.

Thermostat Settings

So, maintaining your house's temperature rather greater and utilising the nice settings for spring and summer can finally aid save you money. Later listed here, we provide an summary of the benefits of putting in a programming thermostat to readily manage your thermostat for the duration of the day.

In the wintry weather, you can keep heatings bills down by way of retaining your thermostat at sixty eight levels Fahrenheit while you are at home throughout the daylight hours. A study found that turning your thermostat slash by way of 10 to fifteen degrees for 8 hours per day will aid you see an vigor usage discount of 5 to 15 percentage per 12 months for your bill.

Depending on your loved ones's private relief preferences, one thought you can also don't forget is lowering the thermostat at night while you sleep. Many persons in finding it relaxed to sleep in a cooler atmosphere even as using winter blankets to keep an eye on warmness. It can be major to notice that indoor humidity plays a position in the comfort of the air on your home. Learn here about managing the humidity on your home to support you achieve your preferred comfort degree.

Need help discovering the perfect Thermostat for your property? Our boiler engineers in Liverpool can help advise the best central heating thermostat for your property .

Resolution: A Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat to your house will mean you can run a scheduled heating and cooling program without needing to keep in mind to manually exchange your settings in the course of the day. Most programmable thermostats are ready to routinely adjust the temperature for your residence as much as six or more instances per day. That you may additionally manually override the automatic settings should you have got to at any time with out interrupting the daily or weekly programming.

A programmable thermostat presents such ease of use, that it is effortless to set your dwelling's temperature lessen at the same time you might be asleep or for the duration of the day if you end up at work. In the summer months, elevating your home's cooling temperature to over seventy eight degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours per day — a usual work day — can quite make a change to your utility expenses.

When programming your thermostat, simply take into accounts your every day schedule. Within the iciness, do you prefer to sleep in a fab residence? For those who like your house cooler at night, set your thermostat to a diminish setting about an hour before you in reality go to mattress so the condominium starts to chill down. Prior to waking up, you could wish to set the thermostat so the heat comes on approximately two hours earlier than you clearly get up so the condo is nice and warm.

You should also keep in mind adjusting the thermostat each time your condominium is vacant for 4 or extra hours per day. As a rule, adjusting temperatures 5 – eight levels (down in winter, up in summer) can support shop power if you will be far from home for a couple of hours.

Listed below are a couple of guidelines and benefits of a programmable thermostat from vigour megastar:

install your thermostat away from heating or cooling registers, home equipment, lights, doorways, fireplaces, skylights and home windows and areas that receive direct sunlight or drafts. Interior walls are fine.
Hold the thermostat set at energy-saving temperatures for lengthy intervals of time, reminiscent of throughout the day when no one is home and at bedtime.
Set the “maintain” button at a regular vigor-saving temperature when going away for the weekend or on trip.
Alternate your batteries every yr in case your programmable thermostat runs on

A home's relief degree is determined by who lives inside the residence. When evaluating your settings, you can need to keep in mind, "What indoor temperature will furnish personal alleviation for my family and rate efficiency?" Some individuals like a dwelling that is heat and some decide on a cooler atmosphere. If you haven't been consciously managing your temperature settings previously, you maybe surprised that changing your settings just a little up or down, depending on the season, will furnish you with the equal comfort you have got enjoyed beforehand in your dwelling.

It doesn't matter what your choice, adjusting your thermostat — either manually or with a programmable thermostat — will eventually help you lower your expenses. today. 

If you need a boiler engineer in Liverpool to help with your thermostat , contact  today. We have a team of boiler engineers in Liverpool and boiler repair engineers in Liverpool who can help with any type of boiler or central heating job.
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 Our plumbing professionals in Liverpool can handle any residential or commercial plumbing repair, large or small. offer a wide range of plumbing repair services in Liverpool and throughout all of the surrounding areas.

As Emergency Plumbers in Liverpool , all our plumbers in Liverpool are specialists in all aspects of plumbing repair, maintenance and installation services . They also specialise in the design, replacement and installation of central heating systems .

General plumbing in Liverpoo l is an important part of the services that we have to offer. Whether it’s replacing a tap washer or installing a new radiator we promise our customers a high standard of service.

All of our calls are always answered personally by one of our team of experienced and customer oriented staff. No matter what time you call day or night. You can also book plumbers in Liverpool easily online via our website or online APP.

We are able to undertake all types of plumbing services in Liverpool no job is too big or too small. Below we have listed some of the main plumbing services in Liverpool that we can offer our customers.

Emergency Plumbing
Emergency Boiler Repair

In an emergency plumbing situation we are a company that you can rely and trust when you most need it. It is important to get a boiler fixed quickly and more so if it is in the middle of the winter! At we have a professional and efficient team of boiler repair specialists in Liverpool ready to come to your premises.

We have a network of fully qualified Gas Safe registered boiler repair engineers in Liverpool who will quickly identify the fault and wherever possible, will repair your boiler safely and efficiently within the same visit, leaving your home as clean and tidy as they find it. If for any reason a replacement part is required that our engineer does not have with them, we will make your home safe before returning as quickly as possible with the necessary part.

Our emergency plumbing services team in Liverpool promises to:

  • Always be there for you when you call
  • Provide prompt and professional customer service and repairs
  • Deliver 24/7 service and support that you can rely on — in any weather
  • We deal with boiler repairs, service and replacement all day, every day. If your boiler breaks down at an inopportune time call us on 0151 542 5051. We will dispatch an emergency boiler repair technician in Liverpool straight away to fix the problem.

24/7 Hour Emergency Plumbers Liverpool , Wirral, Southport.

We understand that finding trustworthy emergency plumbers in Liverpool is hard, our 24 hour emergency plumbing service Liverpool is reliable fast and helpful, especially when your boiler or central heating has broken down or become faulty within the colder months.
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It’s here and there may be no going again! – The smart domestic revolution has arrived. From boiling the kettle, to putting your boiler thermostat on, technology within the home is hastily evolving and is as simple as beginning an app for your telephone. Whilst there may be a extensive range of technology and products to choose from, we test the products making our lives that little bit simpler, blending in to our ordinary routines with ease.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat automatically adapts as your life changes. Just use it for a week and it programs itself. Saving energy through smart technology, the Nest retains information suited to your lifestyle and home – it gets to know the temperature you like and how your house functions to ensure maximum efficiency when in use. Only using the energy that it needs, this handy little device has saved over 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide, making it a useful gadget if you are looking to save money on your energy, or simply have more control over the energy that you are using.

The Wave Smart Control

A smart, internet-connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using a smart phone or tablet. Simply download the Wave app to your compatible device to take control of your heating system from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. This level of boiler control can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your heating system, allowing you to tailor its overall performance through intelligent controls.

If you need an electrician in Liverpool to install your new smart heating controls , contact today.  We have a team of  expert electricians and boiler engineers in Liverpool who can advise  and install any type of smart heating controls.
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A boiler repair might be the answer to your issues, now not replacing it!

A boiler repair may seem to be high-priced but, a complete boiler replacement will properly cosy a lot more. A  boiler repair should be an absolute approach to your boiler repair troubles but some boiler troubles can even be rectified with out calling a local boiler repair engineer in Liverpool .

Older boilers may simplest need a little little bit of soft loving care through wearing out a service. With maximum substitute elements effectively available at the providers, it can be that a bit of understanding and a few common gear are all that’s needed to bring your vintage boiler returned to life.

Below, are five common boiler faults that might without difficulty be constant by a home proprietor/tenant:

1. The water pressure within the heating system has dropped bellow 0.5bar and the boiler has stopped running or is displaying a fault code . All this takes is to locate the “filling loop” on the boiler and re-pressurize the system to 1.5bar. Some boilers can also then require that the reset button be pressed to reset any errors codes.

2. The boiler doesn’t seem to have any electricity. This fault could be something as easy the fuse blowing due to an electrical surge or short circuit on the electrics somewhere. Isolating the electricity to the boiler and replacing the fuse within the plug or fused spur typically rectifies this. Most boilers are covered by means of a 3amp fuse, however continually make certain which you test the boilers manufacturers commands before changing any parts at the boiler. However, if the problem persists to occur, make certain which you contact a expert to test that each one of the electric additives are working successfully.

3. Some of the radiators at the heating machine don’t heat up completely and have cold spots on them . This is typically all the way down to there being air in the machine. The way to rectify this is to “bleed” each radiator the usage of a radiator bleed key. You may additionally find after “bleeding” that the strain on the boiler desires to be topped up (see trouble No. 1)

4. The boiler doesn’t light whilst you switch the heating on . In a few instances this could be all the way down to a wiring trouble or faulty programmer, however when you have a wi-fi programmer or room thermostat then it could be as easy as replacing the batteries within the wi-fi transmitter.

5.The hot water temperature isn’t as warm as everyday. This is commonly right down to the truth that the internal temperature control has turn out to be less sensitive/effective through fatigue or harm. More frequently than no longer, increasing the new water temperature controls can rectify this temporarily, but in some instances the worn/damaged element will want replacing.

If you need a boiler repair engineer in Liverpool , contact who have a team of boiler repair engineers in Liverpool who are experienced at dealing with any type of boiler repair in Liverpool or the surrounding areas
By Property-Serv 08 Dec, 2017
1. Annual Servicing

Boilers are like human beings, they need to look after their fitness to maximise their overall performance and sturdiness. Giving your boiler an annual service will acquire you the rewards heading off boiler breakdowns and repair. It will remaining longer and paintings far more correctly, accordingly saving you money in addition to fear and strain. Not handiest will our boiler experts at check the vital safety of your boiler however additionally we will carry out overall performance tests maximising performance of your boiler. Call the today on 0151 542 5051 or book a boiler repair online here and let us make sure you live heat and safe.

2. Boiler Pressure

Your boiler will no longer run well if the strain is too low. The proper pressure is vital on your boilers fitness. It is simple to check the pressure on your boiler as there may be a dial on the the front of the boiler.  If you feel pressure is an issue on your boiler contact the boiler repair experts at who have a team of boiler repair engineers in Liverpool ready to assist with any boiler problems you have.

3. Bleed Radiators

If you find your radiators aren't heating up nicely, you can want to bleed them. When you bleed your radiator you release trapped air which prevents them from filling successfully which maintains component or all of your radiators bloodless. When you make certain your radiators are working properly you are extending the lifespan and performance of your boiler. If you need your radiators balanced contact and we will help have your heating device working to the very best performance it must be hence keeping your house heat and safe. has a team of boiler repair engineers in Liverpool who can repair any type off boiler breakdown or problem you have. Contact Liverpool boiler repair experts today on 0151 542 5051 or visit us on
By Adam Byott 29 Nov, 2017
‚ÄčIf you are facing the mission of caring for your properties plumbing system , then you should know that there are some commonplace demands you have got to right to ensure your plumbing system remains in a good condition . As well as to keep your plumbing in tip top form for years yet to come. Here's 10 top plumbing tips.

1. Clean your shower heads

Sediment accumulation in your shower heads can scale back the water pressure. It is effortless to take off the shower head and soak in a calcium/lime/rust solution to eliminate clogging sediment.

2. Water leaks

Water leaks are usually effortless to fix, however they could also be triggered via a quantity of culprits. It is a just right concept to keep a lookout for any signs of a water leak , so to restrict small troubles from fitting higher troubles. To find leakages, without problems search for moist areas within the partitions and ceilings, and puddles on the ground. If you need a plumber in Liverpool to find a fix your water leak visit today . We have a team of local plumbers in Liverpool to repair your water leak .

3. Dripping Taps

Tighten up your whole taps as a soon as you could and notice they are loose to prevent a possible water leak. If you can't tighten up your taps yourself contact a local plumber in Liverpool at who will be able to send a plumber in Liverpool to repair your dripping taps .

4. Mildew.

This can be a wellbeing hazard, and is customarily the outcomes of a puddle of standing water that has simply dried out. Standing water would be a sign of a leakage, so count on mildew.

5. Drainage.

When happening, water desires to empty rapidly enough that it swirls round. Watch for the swirl, and pay attention for effervescent, to set up whether or not your drains are becoming clogged . If you've got a blocked drain contact today who will be able to send a plumber in Liverpool to help with your drainage problem .

6. Rust.

Now not only can corrosion influence your water, however it could additionally break down your plumbing pipes at the fittings and joints, leading to huge issues. Signs of corrosion incorporate inexperienced discolorations round shut-off valves and fittings (or orange/yellow spots, when you've got historical metal pipelines).

7. Making use of Sealants.

When sealant round a bath, sink, or toilet is coming off, it's effortless to see. Hold the sealant intact to restrict leaks.

8. Water Heater/Boiler.

Ensure you have your boiler serviced and checked annually .

9. Water strain.

Check all of your water outlets for moderately high water pressure (as when put next with the remainder of the house). Low water pressure can propose sediment accumulation, and even water supply problems .

10. Around Your toilet.

Evaluate to look that the commode manipulate is tight adequate, so water does no longer proceed to run long upon getting in reality flushed the toilet.

Your home’s plumbing system is a principal part of the building, and one that you'll require to last for a long time to come. Do not take any possibilities with malfunctioning plumbing products or installs. Put all your plumbing requirements in the palms of trained, local plumber like who have a team of local plumbers in Liverpool ready to help. We also have a team of expert boiler engineers in Liverpool who can service your boiler , install a new boiler or our team of experts carry out any type of boiler repair in Liverpool.

By Adam Byott 29 Nov, 2017
Worcester Accredited Installers (WAI’s) are accredited to install Worcester boilers in Liverpool and throughout the UK, heat pumps and underfloor heating to the highest standard.

What Worcester Accredited Installers provide?

Some benefits of choosing a Worcester Accredited Installers to install your new  Worcester boiler in Liverpool
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Extended guarantees up to 10 years exclusive*
  • Friendly help and advice for your specific needs
  • New installations, servicing and repair work
  • Peace of mind with Gas Safe registration
  • Why and how does Worcester, Bosch Group offer accreditation to some installers?

Worcester want to provide homeowners with peace of mind when they are upgrading their home heating system and only invite heating engineers who are deemed as reputable, quality conscious and representing value for money.

Worcester Accredited Installers must have relevant Gas Safe and/or MCS approval. WAI’s must also have attended Logic certified training courses on boilers, heat pumps and/or underfloor heating.

Worcester check the installers’ Gas Safe and/or MCS accreditation on a regular basis. However we always recommend to homeowners that they verify a heating company’s membership status with the awarding bodies directly via their relevant websites.
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